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Want to get involved with Hawaii FLL?   We always need more dedicated team coaches, yet there are many other important volunteer positions we must fill each season.   Please take a look at the overview below, then send us an email and let us know how you would like to get involved!  We welcome sponsors, new schools, and volunteers! Sign up below!

Overview of Hawaii FLL Volunteer Positions
FIRST LEGO League volunteers help to make the tournament a fun and successful event for everyone. They make the event move smoothly and efficiently by carrying out their job to the best of their ability. We realize that volunteers carry out their jobs as judges, referees or event day personnel because they believe that they can help student success by "walking the talk." We are very grateful to these Very Important People - Our Volunteers. Thank you, Hawai'i FIRST LEGO League

1. Judges for Team Interviews
•Required - 2 hour training before event day, attendance at Judge Meeting at start of event day
•Time at tournament - 3-5 hours
•Number needed - 15 - 24+
Judges listen to team presentations and score using a rubric. Areas of judging are: Technical (Robot Design/Programming), Project, and Teamwork.
Judges complete rubric forms that include written comments for team to review and use for future competitions.
Judges deliberate and collaborate after all interviews and assist with selection of award winners.

2. Referees for Robot Matches
•Required - 2 hour training before event day, attendance at Referee Meeting on event day
•Time at tournament - 2-3 hours,
•Number needed - 15 - 24+
Referees watch matches and then awards points for missions completed after each 2.5 minute match
Referees confer with table referee before discussing scoring with team representatives
Referee signs off on score sheet and gets team rep. to sign off also, any appeal by the team reps. need to be made before signing off on scoring sheet

3. Event Day Volunteers
•Training may be required but usually written instructions clarifies job, vries from site to site, attendace at Volunteer Meeting at start of event day
•Time at tournament - varies from 1 - 5 hours
•Number needed - 20 - 50+
-Judge Assistants - presentation timers, room monitors, on deck - assist in keeping interviews moving smoothly and on time
-Referee Assistants - table setters, scorekeeper, score runner, on deck - assist in keeping mathces moving smoothly and on time
-Registration - signs in teams, volunteers, guests, hands out team and volunteer packets, distributes programs, collect FIRST consent forms
-Photographer - works with event coordinators to ensure required pictures are taken, creates CD or DVD of photos
-Team Scouts - keeps team on time to interviews & matches, serves as keeper of team valuables
-Hospitality Room Helpers - coordinates volunteer and guests, lie presentation
-Pit Boss - assist with practice tables and set up, keeps time limit for teams so others can use practice tables
-Announcer for matches - gives blow by blow running commentary of robot matches
-MC for event - welcome / awards assembly - needs script, acknowledges sponsors and guests,
-Awards Assistants - helps hand out awards, keeps presentations moving
-Crowd Control - assist with directing audience to seats, keeps entry & exits clear
-Other event day jobs - as determined by coordinator, unique to event

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